Even a bad visit leaves aftershocks which have good consequences

“Even a bad visit leaves aftershocks which have good consequences. As the old Chinese proverb has it, even bad pornography is good, and the same goes for travelling. Even if the trip feels like a failure, it is a success that you even made the trip at all.” “There were so many great songs I saw on TV on my arrival in Vienna, which I now have on my ipod, but oh wouldn’t these songs have been so much greater if I could have seen some strippers dancing to them. I did nothing naughty in Vienna anyway, in a city where there is so many places to go if you want that kind of thing, so I might as well have gone to Munich where that kind of thing is not on offer, but they do at least have at least one much loved strip club.”
“This has been the second morning in a row coming to the end of a night shift where I get a real swollen morning erection about 530am which persists on and off pleasurably until I leave at 7. Yesterday,after sleeping for a few hours, I woke in bed at 1 in the afternoon with a total iron hard erection–and yet in three days in Vienna, in this naughty city, I could not even manage a single proper erection!” “Sexuality is a funny thing. Why did I feel no sexiness in Vienna, surrounded by Esmeraldas, yet back in supposedly boring London which I had yearned for so long to escape I cannot control my priapism?!” “Perhaps now Vienna is out of the way I am already looking forward to Berlin.” “Despite what they say, and Munich definitely has become more sanitised than it was when I first went in 2003-4, I reckon you might be able to get some help from the girls in some of the smaller clubs in Munich, if you are sympatico.” “I just felt no mojo at all on this trip to Vienna. I feel so much more relaxed when I am in Munich, and Berlin, and that improves the chances of my mojo being on form.”

“And today is Saturday. If I disregard more than a paltry amount of sleep, I could treat myself to an afternoon pint in The Stripper, then kabins and cinema, perhaps even Lilly? All before work.” “I feel this priapism is trying to tell me something.” “Christ this swelling is pleasurable–it is all I can do not to run off to the bathroom and leave the front desk unmanned to frig myself senseless.” “And in Vienna for three days I felt nothing!”


“The most relaxing way to enjoy winter”