The Swiss have voted to automatically deport any non-Swiss found guilty of committing a crime

June 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

The Swiss have voted to automatically deport any non-Swiss found guilty of committing a crime—whether they are married to a Swiss, have Swiss children, have lived in Switzerland all their life, it doesn’t matter. The Swiss are amazing, and in many ways I suppose is how many populations in the European Union would like to be. Everyone fears being overrun. Joining the Post Office I saw how the old timers fear and despise the newcomers. Even though they were at exactly the same level as me on exactly the same pay and doing the same job, they had to assert their supremacy over the new people and make clear there was indeed a hierarchy by dint of the fact they were there before us. Postal workers are a strange breed seemingly quite separate from the rest of the species. The fact they have such a strong union with apparently jobs for life perhaps leads their evolution in this direction. Jobs for life but no promotion so they must assert their superiority in some way. Athens has again refused permission for a mosque. Greek Muslims have to practice their religion underground. My wife wants me to fetch her from the Turkish Bath after 15 minutes. Four more precious minutes of peace left. I now have to practice my religion of Priapism underground as well. My mosques have been closed down and destroyed. The morning cry of my Eros can no longer be heard ululating over the rooftops of Moloch, Berlin, Munich, Brussels or Vienna. Just furtively, underground, in cellars and basements away from the light, away from prying eyes and ears of my wife and her friends. I feel like I am hiding under the floorboards trying to avoid the claws or tentacles of some great monster hunting for me above like Deep Rising. But in truth I do not enjoy the cellars and basements anymore anyway. I have nothing to do there anymore and it no longer brings me one tenth of the pleasure it used to. Like a lapsed Catholic, I am a lapsed Priapic. While I mourn my old faith, I am aware it fell into disuse for a good reason. I passed through the years when I really needed it for my very survival. I need my wife for my very survival now. I regret not going to Teatro Municipal Balthazar Dias while here on the island, for either the Pizarro Chopin recital or the Romantic Winter Wonderland of songs by Strauss and Lehar, but my wife does not enjoy these things, anymore than I enjoy her nightclubs. I miss the sordidness of my former life while at the same time being glad she rescued me from it.

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