I will plan my visit to Vienna in the Lyric

July 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

I will plan my visit to Vienna in the Lyric, just over the road from not only the Windmill but also the Red Lion where Marx and Engels planned their Communist Manifesto, the Red Lion now a Be@One of course—“Workers of the World Be At One”? Next to us is the empty lot where once stood the model’s flats where I made the acquaintance of Ana Maria, one of my favourites. I kept asking her to “come home with me, come home with me” as I always do, and she would always say “no, I don’t finish till 4am” but then one Saturday night she seemed nervous and shy and casually mentioned she was finishing at midnight tonight, in 20 minutes time, and also that her car is parked near Trafalgar Square. It seemed she had at last decided to risk taking me up on my invitation, but then her nerve failed her, and she just got rid of me. I stopped going there after that. When Esmeraldas start getting affectionate they scare me. As do Tallulahs, yet my last two girlfriends have been Tallulahs, and before that it was an Esmeralda.

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