Going up and down Schillerstraβe & Goethestraβe all the places that I visited back in 2003 & 2004 are all still there

October 28, 2016 § Leave a comment

Going up and down Schillerstraβe & Goethestraβe, all the places that I visited back in 2003 & 2004 are all still there. So how have they survived when the Berlin bars have been decimated, and Stuttgarter Platz almost completely wiped out? It doesn’t make sense. It is counter-intuitive. There is basically no sex in Munich. Private dances cost a prohibitively expensive €50 and come with no extras (compared to the €25 I spent back in 2003 with Patricia, complete with handjob over her beautiful Brazilian breasts). If you want to spend more time with a girl it is €180-200 for a separée, but still she may be naked but you cannot be. So, surely, all the clubs in Munich should have closed down for lack of business shouldn’t they? But they survive, seemingly unchanged since 8 years ago. In Berlin, the clubs in the Stuttgarter Platz hub, Hanky Panky, Stutti Frutti, Chocolat, Starlight, Blue Bananas, Golden Gate and Mon Cheri with its awesome black, dark James Pryde bedrooms and four-poster canopied beds, which may I remind you offered not just drinks with the girls but full sex (in as many positions as you want) for a mere €50-60, are gone. These places should be absolutely packed out and thriving, shouldn’t they? But no, they were always empty even 8 years ago and now are all gone. I have never found where the men go in Berlin—do men in Berlin not like bosoms and buttocks? Yet here in Munich, where there is no sex, not even a cheeky handjob, just ridiculously expensive and boring private dances for €50, the places survive and are always quite busy. I think men in Munich are so frustrated by the lack of sex on offer that they willingly pay for €50 dances and €200 for separées, because they are so desperate for something. You stay all night drinking because there is absolutely nothing else to do. In Berlin, you can come, shoot and leave very quickly. Munich is so boring, yet I spent a fortune in Atlantic City on alcohol, because there was nowhere else to go. In Berlin I might buy one beer, spend €60 on the girl, then be gone. In Munich the men stay all night drinking because there is nothing else to do, so perhaps that’s why the clubs can survive. Despite my logical ideas why Munich survives and Berlin dies, I am still baffled why every club in Berlin is always empty, why I am the only one there every time, and why they therefore die. Keep the men frustrated, don’t give them what they want, and they will stay all night and keep coming back? Give them what they want, they will eat, shoot and leave, and not come back? But where do Berlin men go? Do they not crave naked women the way Munich men do? Are places that offer everything, all the way, always going to be empty because the act is over very quickly? The places that offer almost nothing, keep you frustrated and hanging on all night? It is the cry of my life, where do all the Berlin men go?

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