It is the strip clubs that taught me how to live

December 29, 2016 § 1 Comment

It is the strip clubs that taught me how to live, how to come out of my shell, and find any kind of real life for myself at all. Inevitably, when I found real love for the first time in my life, it was to be a stripper, but. The snow has stopped already. It was a 10-minute thing.

I always laugh in the Ciné ABC at the signs saying optimistically “New films every Wednesday!”

November 28, 2016 § 2 Comments

I always laugh in the Ciné ABC, at the signs saying optimistically “New films every Wednesday!” Well, yes, new in the sense that they are different from what was on the day before, but not strictly “new” when they are all from the 1970s! On this occasion it was Woman in Love: A Story of Madame Bovary from 1978 with a very beautiful Laurien Dominique. “Flaubert once described literature as ‘the dissection of a beautiful woman with her guts in her face, her leg skinned, and half a burned-out cigar lying on her foot.’ So he takes this young woman who is innocent to the ways of the world and throws some kinks into all of her dreams and plans. He makes her ‘real.’ We can see and feel what’s going on in the story. At the same time, though, he leaves Emma somewhat removed—-at a distance. ” The sex scenes are much shorter in these old 1970s films compared to the interminable never-ending scenes of today; the men get it over with very quickly, which as I mentioned before is much more true to life, in my experience. The stripper who comes on stage (in a manner of speaking) every hour is a delightful interlude and is something all adult cinemas should do I think.


“The horror of my virginity Delights me”

November 11, 2016 § Leave a comment

“The horror of my virginity Delights me,” cried Jerram, as the blonde girl with the most voluptuous huge arse barely constrained by a tiny red pair of knickers shook her booty in his face, “and I would envelope me In the terror of my tresses, that, by night, Inviolate reptile, I might feel the white And glimmering radiance of thy frozen fire, Thou art chaste and diest of desire, White night of ice and of the cruel snow!”

“I have become a fat blob, like Oscar Wilde”

November 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

“I have become a fat blob, like Oscar Wilde. The fact the bars of Munich that offer nothing have survived, when the bars of Berlin and Vienna that offer everything have been wiped out, is so counter-intuitive that I cannot think of anything else. Men want the anticipation, and the frustration, more than the resolution, and the consummation? These are troubling times that we live in, Jerram.” “Yet then why do you spend all your nights and money in the Scotsman, which offers ‘nothing’ as you put it, when the Soho whores offer you everything for £20?” “I have no answer, but the answer that’s me. I don’t want Esmeraldas who I can pay to sleep with. I would rather seduce Tallulahs to me, maybe that is it. When do you hear a really great song? It is getting more and more rare. How often do you meet a stripper you want to sleep with? That is getting more and more rare as well. Is it our age, or the Age we live in, that is the question.” “What you mean is, was a young man who was fucking his way through the 1870s, was he already jaded and disappointed by the 1880s? Fucking his way through the 1920s already jaded by the 1930s? Fucking his way through the 1970s, already jaded by the 1980s?” “Yes,” said Edward, staring into his Spaten beer. “That is exactly what I mean. I have to react viciously, in order to obtain the freedom that I want. I don’t feel viciously, but I have to enact it. But I cannot. So it goes on.”

The highlights of this trip. None. Absolutely none. All I remember is the black cock

May 29, 2016 § Leave a comment

The highlights of this trip. None. Absolutely none. All I remember is the black cock in that party video. Maybe I need to force myself back to cinema again. The only interesting moment was in the Cine ABC. The film was an erotic Murder on the Orient Express from about 1972 but the sound was so bad it was fully ten minutes before I realised it was in English. The sex scenes seemed to only last 2-3 minutes before the man came, so it was very realistic, unlike the modern porn films. Then the red-green disco dots rotated on the screen and a girl walked down the aisle between us dressed in what looked like an NHS patient’s smock which she removed on stage to begin dancing around a chair. She looked totally bored and contemptuous, like a voluptuous Nicole, but I found her arousing. After her two songs finished she put her smock back on and walked back up the aisle past us and the film resumed. Now I think I could spend many happy hours here! Oh why didn’t I stay in Brussels!


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